Massage Therapy • BodyWork • Reiki

Massage Therapy • BodyWork • Reiki

Experience a beautiful, nurturing blend of massage, Reiki & acupressure customized to your unique health. Enjoy nourishing oils, compassionate presence and healing hands while exploring the internal awareness that arises as attention is given to parts of the body that are calling out for therapeutic attention. Journey into deep states of relaxation. 

Benefits of Bodywork:
• promotes deep relaxation of body and mind
• stimulating lymph flow which enhances the immune system
• increases joint flexibility
• supports the processing of emotions
• decreases depression with the release of serotonin & dompamine (decreases cortisol or stress hormone levels)
• eases pain with the release of endorphins, the body's natural pain killer
• calms the nervous system & decreases anxiety
• increase circulation of oxygen and nutrients to vital organs and whole body
• increases sleep quality when stress is affecting night time rest
• helps with digestion, myofascial pain, headaches, fibromyalgia, injuries
• increases body presence 

Prenatal massage therapy available. Prenatal massage decreases stress,
increases the level of the emotionally balancing hormones of dopamine and serotonin,
soothes back pain, address sciatica and reduces overall swelling. It's truly nurturing.

30 min •  $50  //  45 min • $75   //   60 min • $100   //   90 min • $140   //   2hr • $190


Enjoy the deeply therapeutic benefits of 54 healing hot & cold stones harvested on Vancouver Island's west coast. 
Feel your muscles melt with the soothing heat of the rocks while they ground and nourish your body and soul.
60 min • $140   //   90 min • $170


This ancient rite-of-passage ritual involves deep breathwork, Hawaiian chants, long therapeutic massage strokes, lots of range-of-motion work on the joints,
and the magic of Aloha. Hawaiian Shamanic Bodywork was traditionally offered by 2 or more therapists on one client. Imagine 4 people working on you!! WOW.
I do a solo version of this beautiful initation geared towards new beginning. Bridge Heaven & Earth energies in your body and remove what doesn't belong. 
Invite the power of the stars and elements to revolutionize, transform and activate your wild genius.

1.5 hr • $180   //   2 hr • $240   //   2.5 hr • $300   //   3 hr • $360   //   3.5 hr • $420


Reiki is a Japanese word for universal energy. Receive healing energy to nurture and rejuvenate your well being. This can be a hands on or off session  

To enjoy the session in your location of choice in the Cowichan Valley, please add a $50 outcall fee.
I am a Standing Member of the Natural Health Care Practitioners of Canada. Some massage therapy sessions may be covered.

If you need to cancel, please provide 24hrs notice so that you are not charged
the full price of your session.   

"Christy is one of those healers that you can completely surrender to...which is extremely important for someone like me, who is very choosy when it comes to who touches my body (physical and energetic). You can feel Spirit moving through her and you get the sense that the healing being done is coming from a very deep/high place. I only wish I could have her hands on my every week! :) If you are looking for a professional, tapped in, highly skilled and personable BodyTalk practitioner or bodyworker...Christy is it."
Alice Bracegirdle, CEO Bellyfit® Enterprises Inc. Victoria, BC

"Christy held a depth of presence that supported me to drop deeply into my transformational process.  She has a wonderful healing touch and deep skill.  She holds a clear space and has so many tools in her tool box.  She is one of my favourite bodyworkers."  
Leyolah Antara • Transformational Alchemist, a midwife for the soul's emergence, author and Founder of Kundalini Dance, Australia.

"Christy is one of my absolute favourite people and practitioners. She has been a big part of my journey, providing healing and guidance in all areas including relationships, career and spiritual development. As a practitioner she creates an incredibly safe space and opens the doors for powerful transformation to happen. I feel ever grateful to have her in my life."  
-Alexa Linton • Certified BodyTalk Practitioner, Animal Access Teacher and Modern Day Cowgirl, Cowichan Valley, Vancouver Island, Canada.

"Christy is a deeply caring, sincere and accomplished practitioner with a powerfully healing touch and profoundly nurturing presence. I highly recommend that you experience her inspired bodywork for yourself."
Brian Kroeker of Burning Heart Yoga is a Hatha Vinyasa Yoga teacher based in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.