I help sensitives explore their growth edges and navigate emerging awareness.

an evolutionary: one who evolves, transforms and is guided by soul wisdom 

You are a temple of the infinite, continually waking up to your magnificence. You are here between past and future, cradled by Mother Earth and Father Sky. What it took to bring you here, through all of time and space, is nothing short of a miracle.

Our world contains such exquisite bliss woven with tremendous suffering. I'm a sensitive one and can relate to the overwhelm that can come as we open the doors of perception and embrace the emotional processing needed for growth.

I've gathered some tools along the way that can help.

I can work with your inner guide to:

 -invite more presence into your body
-process, digest and release old emotions
-access courage to feel and engage with your precious life
-rewild your consciousness through shedding limiting beliefs & unhealthy conditioning
-gently awaken your body, mind, heart & soul from restrictive patterning 
-explore dance as medicine and get your transformational groove on
-embrace your unique, remarkable brilliance

-cultivate compassion, boundaries & relational awareness 

I honour your courage as you continue to explore your vast inner wilderness.

 ♥︎ Christy


• Click here to listen to the "She Will Rise" podcast where Kelsey Lawford and I discuss consent on the dance floor and 
  dancing with the inner critic.

• Listen to an interview with Bradley & Andy from the Great eCourse Adventure talking about my journey creating the    
  Rewilding Dance Online eCourse here.

•↓This is a video of a recording for Kyla's Feel Better Today: Inspiration Station Podcast:

"Christy Greenwood is an intuitive Consciousness Medicine practioner. She operates from the heart. She is non-imposing and gently navigates through a session as a clear channel. I have experienced some incredible answers to some challenges that have come up in my life through Consciousness Medicine. It is often a realization that I can solve the 'problem' from within. Christy's Consciousness Medicine tools have supported me to have a perspective change and link up some unseen aspects of my life to help me shift the story i may be looping in. Consciousness Medicine is a pathway to personal freedom." - Ali Bertin, Devoted Magical Mama, Amazing Creative Seamstress at ancientFUTURES, Cowichan Valley


"Christy is one of those healers that you can completely surrender to...which is extremely important for someone like me, who is very choosy when it comes to who touches my body (physical and energetic). You can feel Spirit moving through her and you get the sense that the healing being done is coming from a very deep/high place. I only wish I could have her hands on my every week! :) If you are looking for a professional, tapped in, highly skilled and personable BodyTalk practitioner or bodyworker...Christy is it." - Alice Bracegirdle, CEO Bellyfit® Enterprises INc. Victoria, BC

"Christy held a depth of presence that supported me to drop deeply into my transformational process.  She has a wonderful healing touch and deep skill.  She holds
a clear space and has so many tools in her tool box.  She is one of my favourite bodyworkers."  - Leyolah Antara, Transformational Alchemist, a midwife for the soul's emergence, author and Founder of Kundalini Dance, Australia.

"Christy is one of my absolute favourite people and practitioners. She has been a big part of my journey, providing healing and guidance in all areas including relationships, career and spiritual development. As a practitioner she creates an incredibly safe space and opens the doors for powerful transformation to happen. I feel ever grateful to have her in my life."  - Alexa Linton, Certified BodyTalk Practitioner, Animal Access Teacher and Modern Day Cowgirl 

"Christy is an amazing practitioner in both BodyTalk and bodywork, as well as, being a powerhouse in identifying and assisting a client in moving energy. My sessions with Christy are always profound and transformational and really help me both and a heart and logic level in understanding what is going on my life. If you are looking for assistance in understanding and releasing physical and emotional energy blocks in the body I highly recommend booking sessions with Christy and the many skills and modalities she has to offer."  Suzanne Simcox,  Senior Certified Executive Power Coach®, Owner of Rock Solid Leadership— www.suzannesimcox.com

☆ Activate & Nourish Your Wild Genius

We are candles lighting each
other when one of us goes out. 

May my offerings be a
candle in our world. ☾